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Phil Collins - Another Day in Paradise

"Another Day in Paradise"

Background -
- First single from Phil Collins' 1989 album, ...But Seriously
- Subject matter dealt with homelessness ... Major departure from pop rock and dance rock genres of previous album, No Jacket Required (1985)

Success -
- Seventh and final No. 1 single on Billboard Hot 100 in the 1980s and first No. 1 in the 1990s
- One of Collins' most successful songs of his solo career
- Grammy Award for Record of the Year
- Grammy nomination for Song of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Performance Male, and Best Music Video Short Form
- Brit Award for British Single

Ironic note -
"...the song also generated some controversy over its subject matter and has received a largely negative reaction from music critics..." (Wikipedia)

"...criticism from the English rock press at the time of its release, who found him unqualified to sing about the poor due to his wealth...." (Wikipedia)

Phil Collins response - "When I drive down the street, I see the same things everyone else sees.  It's a misconception that if you have a lot of money you're somehow out of touch with reality."

Certifications -
Gold in Australia, Germany, Italy, U.S.
Silver in France and UK
Platinum in Sweden

U2 is well known for political and social awareness in their songs and in fact, for this reason, helped establish their success early on.  "...we had something unique to offer..." (Bono)

"Driven to Tears" by The Police is a representation of the divide between the rich and the poor.  At the time, Sting was literally driven to tears while watching a television program about the plight of starving children.  "...people can afford the technology to afford television, but not food for the starving children..." (Wikipedia)

Concluding curiosity -
Phil Collins is just as unique with his songs and albums.  Music artists will always at one point receive mixed success and reviews, but I cannot get past the largely negative reaction because of Collins' wealth at the time versus the subject matter at the time.  Critics have justified opinions, but I happen to disagree.  If music recognizes social causes, taking action is inspired.  My opinion.