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Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

"Personal Jesus"

Background -
- Lead single from Depeche Mode's 7th album, Violator (1990)
- Released in 1989

Success -
- No. 13 on UK Singles Chart
- No. 28 on Billboard Hot 100
- No. 368 in Rolling Stone's "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time" (2004)

Certifications -
Gold in the U.S.
Silver in the UK
Platinum in Italy

Point of interest -
"Personal Jesus" has been covered numerous times by such artists as Marilyn Manson, Johnny Cash, Sammy Hagar, and many more.

Marilyn Manson considered "Personal Jesus" and Depeche Mode to be inspirational.

Johnny Cash considered "Personal Jesus" to be "the most evangelical gospel song I ever recorded."

Sammy Hagar admitted his interest in "Personal Jesus" despite not being a fan of synth music.  

To inspire musicians who may otherwise pass is impressive and honorable.

Depeche Mode - Class of 2020 in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame