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Andy Taylor - Solo Debut

Image result for andy taylor duran duran playing guitar

Duran Duran launched their career with the 1981 debut album, Duran Duran.  Little did they know, though, what the rocky future held for the band.  The original line-up to break up to side projects to reunion to Andy Taylor's official departure.  The original line-up will never be again.

So where did Andy go?  

Thunder is Andy Taylor's first solo album, released in 1987.  Thunder reached No. 46 on Billboard 200 and No. 61 on the UK Chart.  Two noted singles from the album include "Don't Let Me Die Young" (No. 36 on Mainstream Rock Tracks) and "I Might Lie" (No. 17 on Mainstream Rock Tracks).  The album went out of production in 1990 but later was reissued on iTunes.

Andy's two other solo albums include Dangerous (1990) and The Spanish Sessions EP (1999).

On his own, I am not sure.  In my opinion, Andy fits well within a band where his contribution is profound and truly impressive.  If only the original line-up...