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zZounds Music Sunday

Due disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated on any purchase made.

In this edition of zZounds Music Sunday, I am highlighting the Spector Legend series of bass guitars.  The Spector Legend guitars are perfect for seasoned bassists with finances to spend.

Consider -

Spector Legend 4 Standard Bass, Black Cherry
$549.99 OR 8 Payments $68.75

Spector Legend 5 Standard Electric Bass, Black Cherry
$599.99 OR 12 Payments $50

Spector Legend 5 Classic Electric Bass, 5-String, Black Cherry Gloss
$949.99 OR 12 Payments $79.17

Spector Legend 4 Classic Electric Bass, Black Cherry Gloss
$899.99 OR 12 Payments $75

Spector Legend 4 Neck-Thru Electric Bass, Faded Blue Gloss
$1,549.99 OR 12 Payments $129.17

If you are curious about the Spector brand, explore the links above.  If you are seriously interested in what Spector offers to bass guitarists, follow the links above for specs and an investment plan.

Question - Which legend are you?

As always,

Play it!