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zZounds Music Sunday

Due disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated on any purchase made.

In the post, zZounds Music Sunday, published earlier this month, I featured the Korg Micro-Korg Analog-Modeling Synth-Vocoder best meant for professionals.  The Korg brand is technical and requires time, patience, and passion to learn and master in skill.

In this edition of zZounds Music Sunday, I am scaling back to focus on the beginner, starting with the Yamaha brand.  Consider the following -

Yamaha PSR-E263 Portable Keyboard, 61-Key, New
$129.99 OR 6 Payments $21.67

Features -
- Yamaha Education Suite to learn 100 preset songs
- 385 Instrument Voices
- 100 Styles to experiment
- Opportunity to create own music
- Splits for practicing with a partner
- Auto power off saves energy after a period of inactivity
- Internal speakers with Aux Line Input to connect to any musical device
...and so much more

(An optional kit includes a foot switch, stereo headphones, 2-year extended warranty, and over $100 in rebate coupons for other Yamaha instruments and accessories.)

If you are curious about the Yamaha brand and this particular instrument, explore the link above.  If you are seriously interested in learning to play the keyboard, the Yamaha brand may be the perfect option, so follow the link above for more information and a payment plan.

As always,

Play it!