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Aerosmith - Dream On

"Dream On" is known as a power ballad - based on the emotional tone and singing of the song as well as conveying a message to the audience.

Upon release, "Dream On" became a classic rock radio staple.  As a side note, my mother's generation grew up with Aerosmith and "Dream On" was an anthem at school events.

"Dream On" was released in June 1973.  The song reached No. 59 on Billboard Hot 100.  It was re-issued in 1975 - now No. 81 on Billboard Hot 100 (January 1976), Top 40 (February 1976), and No. 6 (April 1976).

"Dream On" is well-known for the climax to Steven Tyler's iconic screams.

"Dream On" Certification -
Silver in the UK


With all said, enjoy "Dream On" -