Gentle culture

A forward-looking treatment of the plants not only provides beautiful and healthy fruits, they are better prepared for the freezer. Strawberries should be bedded on straw. On the one hand, this prevents the fruits from getting easily bruised where they begin to spoil, and secondly, they do not become so dirty when it rains. The mulch layer of straw is additionally heated, which favors the ripening process.

Note: The strawberry is not intended for human use, but actually for animals such as snails or small rodents, as they also provide for the distribution of the seeds. Therefore, she also tends her fruits down and lies down under the weight of ripe strawberries on the ground. Regardless of the later use, the strawberries should therefore always be placed on a soft mulch bed, as this simplifies harvesting.

Freeze strawberries

The main harvest time of strawberries is the month of June. Depending on the variety, however, the harvest can be made later, or during the entire season, as with the aromatic monthly strawberries. If strawberries are to be frozen, it is especially important to get the right degree of ripeness.

If the strawberries are not ripe enough, they have no aromatic taste. If the strawberries are overripe, not only is it difficult to freeze them, they may then have an unpleasant taste of fermenting fruit. To freeze, the strawberries should be ripe but not overripe.

The fruits must be firm and sweet. The advantage of having the fragaria in the freezer is that the fruit can be frozen gradually. Therefore, you can always reap the fruits at the optimal maturity, whereby a high quality is maintained.

Care must be taken not only in the culture of the plants, but also in the harvest. The following things are needed to harvest the fruits:

strawberry varieties

flat bowl
Kitchen paper or kitchen towel
When the strawberries are frozen, it is particularly important that they have no pressure points. For this purpose, the fruits are not picked as usual by hand into a bowl, but cut individually. A few millimeters above the fruit, cut off the stalk and then place it in a shallow dish, which has been laid out with kitchen paper or a cloth. Do not stack the fruits, as this can lead to damage or pressure marks. The less damaged the fruit, the less liquid will thaw out after thawing.

Freeze strawberries as a whole
Before the strawberries can be frozen, they must be prepared. This requires the following:

kitchen towel
sharp knife
Even if the fruits are lying on a mulch bed, they are not completely spared from contamination. Instead of washing them under running water, it is much gentler on the surface of the fruits to clean them in lukewarm water. The jet of water can be too hard and in turn cause pressure points. Therefore, the water bath is much gentler on the sensitive fruits.


Then you remove the green with a sharp knife. Just make a smooth cut just below. The green should not be removed by drilling with the knife into the fruit. It is too badly injured, which can cause the fruit to suffer from freezing.

To dry put the Fragaria then on the kitchen towel. The strawberries should not be frozen until they have dried completely, otherwise freezer fires may occur. After they are dry, they are portioned into freezer bags and frozen as quickly as possible.

Tip: If the freezer has a freeze function, it should be used. The quicker the fruit is frozen, the better the taste is preserved.

Deep-freeze strawberries as puree
Anyone who later has a certain form of use in mind, such as fruit flavors with strawberries or would like to use them for brushing about cake bottoms, can freeze the fruits already in the form of puree.

To do this, the fruits are again cleaned and processed into a puree in a universal shredder. The puree can then be swept through a sieve, causing the larger seeds to hang in it. The puree is then frozen in portions.


You can use freezer bags, but it is much easier if you fill the puree in small containers and freeze them. As a result, it can be solved cleaner again from the container and it remains less back compared to the bag.

Freezing strawberries sweetened
Strawberries are sweet, but not sweet enough for many. Especially for desserts, it can often not be sweet enough, so it is advisable to freeze the fruits already sugared.

You need:

freezer box
Sugar or sugar syrup
cutting board
The strawberries are washed again, but only drained. Some residual moisture should remain on the fruits. Then you free the fruits from the green and cut them into pieces. The pieces are filled in the freezer and sprinkled with sugar or poured over with sugar syrup. Then the fruits are carefully mixed with the spoon and the can closed with the lid. So that as little liquid escapes, you should again use a quick freeze function.

Shelf life of frozen strawberries
Frozen, the fragaria is easily preserved for several months. However, the more frequently you open the doors of the freezer or chest, the more the fruits will suffer. When they thaw by opening, then superficially ice crystals form, which can reduce the quality.

Freeze strawberries

This can not be prevented if the fragaria is frozen in cans. It is a little better if you vacuum the fruits. To do this, however, the fruits must first be placed individually on a sheet of baking paper and then frozen. The frozen fruits must then be vacuumed as quickly as possible so that they do not thaw too much. Non-frozen fruits can not be vacuumed because the depredation of air would crush the fruit.

The vacuum bag also has a pulse point when it comes to avoiding freezer fires. The bags are much thicker than normal freezer bags. This will not damage them as easily as the thin pouches. This allows them to last longer in a vacuum bag than in a normal freezer bag. You can easily store fruits in the vacuum bag for several years in the freezer.

Consistency after thawing
To use it you have to thaw the fruit again. Here are also the weaknesses in freezing, because not only the consistency, but also the color suffers. The advantage of this form of preservation is that the ingredients such as vitamins are much better preserved.

Since one can not prevent the juice from leaking out of the fruits, which are largely liquid, the mouthfeel when biting into thawed fruits is less pleasant. Thawed fruits should therefore always be processed. For some types of preparation, you can even process the fruit when frozen. For strawberry dumplings - a variation of apricot dumplings - the frozen fruits are ideal. Sweetened strawberries, for example, can be processed into a sorbet within a few seconds in a universal shredder.

The puree does not necessarily have to be thawed. Instead of filling it into small containers, it can also be poured into ice cube molds and frozen. The ice cubes provide a fruity component with drinks and can be used directly out of the container.

When freezing strawberries, it is advisable to prepare the fruits for later use. This has the advantage of being available within minutes, if needed. You can also freeze them in processed form, such as strawberry dumplings, in portions, which in a very short time a delicious dessert ready.


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