Freezing strawberries: This is how the sweet fruits taste longer

You can easily freeze strawberries without losing much flavor. Not only whole fruits are suitable for freezing, also strawberry puree you can make so durable. Here you can learn more about the different possibilities.

You can freeze strawberries after a successful strawberry season and make them durable. Depending on the weather, the strawberry season varies from year to year. However, most of the bright red fruits can be harvested between May and July. Then you have them in supermarkets and organic shops high season. In order to have the rest of the summer and even in winter tasty strawberries, we show the different possibilities for freezing.

Freezing Strawberries: Instructions for whole fruits
Freeze strawberries: Whole fruits or puree
Freeze strawberries: Whole fruits or puree (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Pexels)
Fresh strawberries - whether from the organic market or self-harvested - you can easily freeze as a whole fruit:

It is important that you thoroughly wash the strawberries before freezing. To avoid damaging the fruit, it is best to clean it in cold, stagnant water, for example in a large bowl or in the sink.
Now remove all stems and remaining foliage.
Then dab the berries dry with some kitchen paper or a towel. They must not be wet when frozen so that no ice builds up.
To prevent the fruits from sticking together later on thawing, you freeze them: Place berry for berry next to each other on a flat plate or a tray. The berries should not touch here. Then put everything in the freezer for one to two hours.
To make room again, you can then fill the strawberries in their final freezer. Put the pre-frozen berries in a stainless steel freezer and store them in the refrigerator. Frozen fresh strawberries keep frozen for about eight months.
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Tip : Only use freshly harvested fruits without bruises or holes to freeze. Damaged fruits spoil faster even in the freezer - better eat the same.

Freeze strawberries as puree
You can also freeze strawberries as puree in the glass.
You can also freeze strawberries as puree in the glass. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / markusspiske)
You can also puree the strawberries before you freeze them. So you have after thawing a fresh strawberry musm at hand, which is perfect for pancakes , muesli or pure enjoyment.

Wash the undamaged, fresh fruits in stagnant, cold water (as described above).
Remove stalks and foliage and then gently pat the strawberries dry with a towel.
Put the strawberries in a tall container and puree them into a creamy cream.
If you want the purée even creamier and finer, sweep it with a spoon through a fine sieve before freezing. So you can just catch the small cores.
Now pour the strawberry puree into a stainless steel freezer or a glass.
Tip : You can also pour your pureed strawberry nut into ice cube molds. Frozen strawberry ice cubes taste wonderful in champagne, mineral water or homemade cocktails.


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