Freeze strawberries - this is how you keep the sweet fruits

Depending on the variety, the harvest time of the sweet fruits is from May to October. Pick the strawberries together with the fruit goblet and fully ripe, but not too late. Large crops can be boiled down to jam - or frozen as whole fruits or mashed. You should only use strawberries of the highest quality and make sure that they have no pressure points. Otherwise, the delicate fruit will even rot in the freezer. Note, however, that frozen strawberries are thawing soft, often mushy and darker in color after thawing. This type of preservation alters the molecular structure of the fruits, but not their valuable ingredients.
When strawberries are harvested
There are different types of strawberries, which either deliver fruit bearing fruit once or, after a short period of rest, remount in midsummer, that is to say, to produce flowers and fruits again until autumn. In general, the harvest times of the individual varieties are quite different from each other. Nevertheless, all strawberries have one thing in common: When their fruits ripen, they all fall - so that you, as a garden owner, are literally inundated.

The "classic" strawberry (for example, varieties such as 'Elvira' and 'corona') is only once carrying and brings after flowering between May and June, a luscious blessing. However, this only lasts until the end of July. The several times carrying, often flowering fruits first in June / July, then put on a short period of rest and bear fruit again between August and October.

Tip: Also remontierend and fruit-bearing even from May to October are the so-called monthly strawberries, which are descended from the native wild strawberry. Their fruits are slightly smaller than those of the traditional garden strawberry, but more intense in taste.
Cultivate strawberries gently and harvest properly
As delicious as strawberries fresh from the bed also taste: They are also extremely sensitive and therefore in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator a maximum of two days preserved. However, if the water-rich fruits show only slight bruises - for example, when picking - they often rot within a few hours. To prevent this from happening, you should cultivate the fruits on a dry layer of mulch such as straw.
This not only ensures that the strawberries stay clean (and thus do not have to be laboriously washed and cleaned), but also prevents the development of rot already in the bed. Gently harvest the fruits and place them in specially padded baskets. When picking, do not press too hard, but rather grasp the individual fruit with your thumb and forefinger and carefully cut it off with a pair of nail scissors. Leave the fruit chalice still on the fruit, then it stays fresh longer.
Freeze whole strawberries
For freezing, only ripe and solid fruits are suitable. If the strawberries are already overripe, they should no longer be preserved due to the risk of rotting and should be eaten immediately. If you want to freeze whole strawberries, do the following:
fill a bowl with lukewarm water
Carefully wash the strawberries
Do not wash fruit under running water,
This causes pressure points
After washing, dry the strawberries carefully with a kitchen towel
Do not freeze fruits moist, freezer burns out
Cut the fruit calyx smoothly with a knife
Whole strawberries or cut into pieces
pack in an airtight freezer bag
at best, still vacuum
and shock-frozen in the freezer or freezer
Frozen strawberries are stable for about two months and should be consumed during this time.
Freeze whole strawberries without sticking together
However, the method described above has a disadvantage: the fruits stick together when frozen and can not be removed individually. To prevent them from sticking together, you can freeze the fruits one at a time and then transfer them together into a freezer bag or other suitable container. To do this, place the carefully prepared strawberries with the cutting edge facing downwards on a plate, chopping board or baking tray.

The fruits should not touch each other. Now put them in the freezer for two hours, then remove them again and pack
They now together. However, this should happen quickly, because just small fruits thaw up very quickly or on - and then thawing particularly muddy. After transferring the strawberries are back in the freezer.
Freeze sugared strawberries
sugared strawberriesYou can also freeze the fresh fruits sugared - then you can use the sweetened fruits immediately after thawing for a dessert or a cake.
Wash and clean strawberries as described
into a plastic container (with lid)
sprinkle with sugar as desired
or pour homemade syrup over it
Carefully mix with a spoon
Put the lid on and off in the freezer
Tip: You can make sugar syrup yourself by boiling one part of sugar in four parts of water, dissolving it and finally allowing the mixture to cool before freezing. For the special aroma you can also use brown cane sugar instead of white household sugar.
Freeze pureed strawberries
If you freeze strawberries completely or in pieces, frosting changes the structure of the fruit: they always soften after thawing, are mushy and produce more or less juice. Frozen strawberries are therefore less suitable for filling cakes and pies, but you can also make pastries with strawberry puree instead.

The sweet fruits can also freeze mashed, which also has the great advantage of saving space. Prepare the harvested strawberries as described, but then carefully puree them with a hand blender. If you want, you can also sweeten the fruit pulp with some powdered sugar and season with freshly squeezed lemon juice. The mus can be poured into small plastic containers, portioned into ice cube containers or the like and placed in the freezer compartment.
Make delicious strawberry ice cream yourself and freeze
Strawberry ice creamIncidentally, such a strawberry mousse is great for making a delicious strawberry ice cream. There are several ways to do this: Under the freshly pureed mush, whip cream (stiffly whipped) and powdered sugar under and freeze the mixture together. Stir once every few hours, after about a day the strawberry cream ice is ready for consumption. You can also lift the frozen, thawed fruit pulp under the freshly whipped cream - in this case, the ice creamy.

Tip:A special refreshment not only on hot days is strawberry fruit ice cream on a stick. For this you fill the Fruchtmus (delicious is also a mixture of strawberry and Bananenmus) in commercial ice-on-stick forms and let it simply freeze. Done is the healthy treat and inspires the family as well as children on a children's birthday party.
Funny strawberry ice cubes from the freezer
Frozen ice cubes as an ice cube substitute are great for any party and make great in mineral water, sparkling champagne or in a fruit punch. For this purpose, the strawberry is frozen portionwise in ice cube container as well as whole fruits, which are individually placed in the compartments of the ice cube container and frozen with water, lemonade or champagne. It also looks pretty if you froze the strawberries together with a fresh peppermint leaf and / or a few shavings of dark chocolate to ice cubes.
Thaw frozen strawberries gently
Frozen strawberries can be thawed in various ways:
slowly at room temperature
in the microwave
with the help of hot water
According to experience, the fruits stay in better shape if you bathe them briefly in hot water and thaw them. To do this, pour the desired amount of strawberries into a bowl and pour hot but no boiling water over it. The fruits should be just covered with the liquid. After one minute, drain the water again and repeat the procedure if necessary. Incidentally, strawberries will be particularly mushy if you defrost them with the Defrost function in the microwave.
Can strawberries be defrosted without becoming soggy?
Unfortunately, frozen and thawed strawberries are always soft and mushy, which can not be prevented. The reason for this is the abundance of water in the fruits - 95% of strawberries are water only - which crystallizes on freezing and thus destroys the cell structure of the fruit.
Dry strawberries in the oven
- Gentle alternative to freezing -

If you want to prevent this, the delicious fruit can also be preserved differently: namely as dried strawberry chips. Although a dehydrator is an advantage for this purpose, a standard oven does it too. Wash and clean the desired amount of strawberries as described and cut into slices approximately three millimeters thick. If you like it sweeter, dust the fruits with some powdered sugar before drying.
strawberry plant
Preheat the oven to a maximum of 50 ° C - higher temperatures dry faster, but also destroy the valuable vitamins - and in the meantime spread the strawberry slices on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Now push the plate into the oven and dry the strawberries until they yield elastically at the touch of a finger. However, this can take several hours. If you want to go faster, set the oven to 100 ° C, then the chips should be ready in an hour and a half.

Tip: To allow the moisture that escapes during drying to escape, you should clamp a wooden spoon between the oven and the oven door.

Strawberries can be whole fruits, cut or pureed and frozen. However, freezing destroys the cell structure of very watery fruits, so after thawing they are always soft, mushy and darker in color. Unfortunately, this result can not be avoided, but has no influence on the valuable ingredients of strawberries. Purified frozen fruits can be used for a wide variety of pastries, desserts, smoothies and drinks - or they can easily be processed into delicious ice cream. Very ice-cold frozen strawberries also look great in ice cube trays, which are delicious in mineral water, lemonade, juice or sparkling wine. Alternatively, you can cut the sweet fruits into thin slices and as chips slowly in the oven


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