Freeze strawberries properly

Freezing fresh strawberries
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To prevent the delicious fruits from sticking together, take special care when freezing strawberries.

Strawberries are fresh and cheap in the summer season. It is worthwhile to freeze even fruits that you can enjoy culinary next winter. This only works if the tender berries are properly prepared for the permafrost.
Freezing strawberries: That's how it works
1. Wash the fresh strawberries carefully, drain and leave to dry. Carefully remove stems and leaves.

2. Place fruits one by one with sufficient distance on a tray or a plate. So the strawberries do not freeze to a lump together.

3. Place the tray or plate in the freezer and let the strawberries "freeze" there. That takes about two hours.

4. The strawberries are then placed in airtight deep-freeze bags or cans before being frozen again.
Process thawed strawberries into purees
Since they are soft and soggy when thawed, the frozen strawberries are best for purees, smoothies or jams. The frozen strawberries last about eight months in the freezer. A tip: Use only intact and very fresh fruits to freeze. Otherwise they spoil quickly - even at minus temperatures.


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