Freeze fresh strawberries - whether as a whole berry or as a puree - that's the way it works HOT

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Freeze fresh strawberries - whether as a whole berry or as a puree - that's the way it works
Freeze fresh strawberries whole or puréed - explained step by step
The strawberry is one of the most popular berry, although it is not a berry, but belongs to the family of Sammelnussfrüchte. From May the plant will delight us with its small white, yellow or pink flowers and in June the juicy red fruits will be harvested.

The fruits do not only taste good, they are also healthy
Whether freshly harvested, frozen or processed, completely pure, in summer salads, desserts, on cakes or pies, for ice cream or as jam, the red fruits offer healthy snacking - and that without any remorse ! They have a very high content of vitamin C, they are also rich in magnesium and calcium and absolutely low in calories.

Freezing the berries - this is how it works
The healthy fruits taste best when picked fresh. In the refrigerator they are stable for two to three days. Since the strawberries are quite cheap in summer and you do not want to miss out on this sweet fruit in winter, the fruits can be frozen. In the freezer, they are quite durable for up to twelve months.

Required materials

kitchen towel
baking sheet
freeze bag
waterproof pen


01 With the knife the stalk shoulder is carefully removed.

02 Carefully clean the fruits under running, cold water and gently pat dry with the kitchen towel.

03 Then place the fruits side by side on a baking sheet and put them in the freezer for two hours for freezing.

04 After the two hours you can put the pre-frozen berries in the freezer bag and close it well.

05 Always label the freezer bag with the date, so you always know when you have frozen the fruit. This also makes it easier for you to consume older frozen food first.

The berries can also be frozen pureed
Strawberries do not always have to be frozen as a whole fruit. Puree the berries and then freeze the puree.

Required materials

kitchen towel
ice cube tray


01 The fruits are removed from the stalk and cleaned well under running water. Do not place the strawberries in a bowl of water, the fruits will become soggy.

02 Dab the berries with the kitchen towel and quarter with the knife.

03 Pour the strawberry pieces into a large bowl and purée until a creamy mass is produced.

04 Depending on your personal taste, some icing sugar may be included.

05 Fill the strawberry puree into the ice cube trays and place in the freezer.

06 If necessary, remove the frozen strawberry ice cubes. Practical are the ice cube containers, because you can remove individual portions.

Sprayed with water or sparkling wine, you get a wonderful, refreshing summer drink.
Kids love the red ice cubes and these are a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Tips and tricks for freezing

The sweet berries do not ripen, so always reap red fruit.
Remove the stem approach just before freezing, so keep the strawberry longer the flavor.
If you use summer motifs with the ice cube containers, such as a shell shape, you will later create a maritime feeling with the drinks.
Prevent freezer burns by sealing the freezer bag airtight and ensuring that the freezer always has a constant temperature.
When removing the frozen food, never leave the freezer door open for too long.


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