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Hilarious 😂 Wedding 💒 List 📃

My daughter's wedding list :
1)3 cows
2)16 bags of rice
3)78 litres of red oil
4)15 iphone 6
5)15 bags of salt
6)98 holandies wrappers
7)3 range rover black and white
8)150 imported Uk bags
9)700 versace shoes not ABA made oooo
10)7 apple laptops new ones
11)9 ipads
12)16 set of boxes from Dubai
13)45 washing machines
14)50 bags of Semovita and 45 bags of wheat
15)1 big sack of kolanut
16)20 dozen of bra and panties
17)90 carton of frozen chicken
18)98 crate of coke and fanta
19)21 make up kit must be of a Tara product
and must be 500 thousand
20)Must build a mansion for 8 member of her
family and sponsor their kids to study in Oxford
21)Must open a shopping mall for her mother
22)You must treat her like a Queen
23)Her bride price will be 100 naira cos we're
not selling her out.