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Don't Give up!!!

A Tortoise was climbing a tree with unripe
fruits, and other animals were hysterically
laughing at him, saying "You foolish Tortoise,
why are you climbing a tree with unripe
fruits?" As they laughed and mocked him, The
Tortoise replied and said "Don't worry, by the
time I get up there, the fruits will be ripen."
As the other animals continued to pillory him,
he undauntedly continued climbing the tree.
Many months later when he finally got to the
top of the tree, it was the ripping season and
the whole fruits were ripen and he started
eating and enjoying all the fruits, while other
perplexed animals were still below waiting in
vain for the fruits to fall to the ground.
You might be climbing the tree of your destiny
right now and people are laughing at you; but
don't worry my friend because when you
finally get to the top of your tree, those who
pilloried you will be ashamed of themselves.
You might be pursuing your dreams right now
but people are mocking you; again I say don't
worry my friend because when you finally
achieve your dreams, those who laughed and
mocked you will be dumbfounded and
immersed in ignominy.
You might also be climbing very slowly as you
climb the tree of your dreams, just like that
Tortoise, but do not be discouraged because
you'll surely get to the top; and by the time
you get there everything will be ripen and your
blessings will be ready for you. Remember
"That a snail walks slowly doesn't mean it
won't get to its destination."
You must get to your promised land! You
must achieve your dreams!! You must become
successful and make yourself and your family
proud!!! Just don't give up, but keep climbing
indefatigably, and I assure you that in due
time all your efforts will be rewarded, and
indefatigability will not be in vain. You'll
surely make it to the finish line. The only
reason you'll not make it is if you give up
along the way. SO DON'T GIVE UP, PERIOD!!!