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13 Shocking Reasons Why Married Women Cheat

About 75% of divorces stem from cheating, either from the woman or the man. Men have been accused more of cheating than women, but you will be surprised to know even women cheat more these days and here are the reasons why. 1. Complacency When you were together before marriage, you were probably miles apart and so seeing each other always appears fresh, but now you’re married and you wake up in each others faces. You always see each other and so couples don’t mind or pay attention to what the other does. Sometimes things that would have made you rush out to help her aren’t there anymore. When this continues for long, the bliss in the love reduces and women will want to find it elsewhere. 2. Lacking The Fear of God (Very Dangerous) When a woman is prayer-less, goes to church only on Sundays and does not have the consciousness of God in her, any thing can happen. Majority of women who are able to remain faithful despite the challenges or temptations do so not because they feel their man des…