Freeze strawberries

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If you want to preserve that delicious taste of early summer. Try to freeze strawberries. Frozen strawberries are not only a healthy and delicious snack, they are also easy to prepare and store. Who does not like this beautiful, healthy treat?

There are several methods, some of which allow strawberries to be stored longer than others; Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Strawberries (quantity to choose) - not too hard, not too soft - avoid freezing with discoloration, bruises or putrid areas.
Water or syrup ofer icing sugar or lemonade (depending on the chosen method, quantity see below)

Before you choose a method, you should know the process of freezing strawberries. Whichever method you choose, note that freezing does not sterilize the strawberries; it preserves it. Therefore, you should on…

Gentle culture

A forward-looking treatment of the plants not only provides beautiful and healthy fruits, they are better prepared for the freezer. Strawberries should be bedded on straw. On the one hand, this prevents the fruits from getting easily bruised where they begin to spoil, and secondly, they do not become so dirty when it rains. The mulch layer of straw is additionally heated, which favors the ripening process.

Note: The strawberry is not intended for human use, but actually for animals such as snails or small rodents, as they also provide for the distribution of the seeds. Therefore, she also tends her fruits down and lies down under the weight of ripe strawberries on the ground. Regardless of the later use, the strawberries should therefore always be placed on a soft mulch bed, as this simplifies harvesting.

Freeze strawberries

The main harvest time of strawberries is the month of June. Depending on the variety, however, the harvest can be made later, or during the entire season…

Freeze strawberries - this is how you keep the sweet fruits

Depending on the variety, the harvest time of the sweet fruits is from May to October. Pick the strawberries together with the fruit goblet and fully ripe, but not too late. Large crops can be boiled down to jam - or frozen as whole fruits or mashed. You should only use strawberries of the highest quality and make sure that they have no pressure points. Otherwise, the delicate fruit will even rot in the freezer. Note, however, that frozen strawberries are thawing soft, often mushy and darker in color after thawing. This type of preservation alters the molecular structure of the fruits, but not their valuable ingredients.
When strawberries are harvested
There are different types of strawberries, which either deliver fruit bearing fruit once or, after a short period of rest, remount in midsummer, that is to say, to produce flowers and fruits again until autumn. In general, the harvest times of the individual varieties are quite different from each other. Nevertheless, all strawberries …

Freezing strawberries: This is how the sweet fruits taste longer

You can easily freeze strawberries without losing much flavor. Not only whole fruits are suitable for freezing, also strawberry puree you can make so durable. Here you can learn more about the different possibilities.

You can freeze strawberries after a successful strawberry season and make them durable. Depending on the weather, the strawberry season varies from year to year. However, most of the bright red fruits can be harvested between May and July. Then you have them in supermarkets and organic shops high season. In order to have the rest of the summer and even in winter tasty strawberries, we show the different possibilities for freezing.

Freezing Strawberries: Instructions for whole fruits
Freeze strawberries: Whole fruits or puree
Freeze strawberries: Whole fruits or puree (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Pexels)
Fresh strawberries - whether from the organic market or self-harvested - you can easily freeze as a whole fruit:

It is important that you thoroughly wash the strawberries bef…

Freeze strawberries properly

Freezing fresh strawberries
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To prevent the delicious fruits from sticking together, take special care when freezing strawberries.

Strawberries are fresh and cheap in the summer season. It is worthwhile to freeze even fruits that you can enjoy culinary next winter. This only works if the tender berries are properly prepared for the permafrost.
Freezing strawberries: That's how it works
1. Wash the fresh strawberries carefully, drain and leave to dry. Carefully remove stems and leaves.

2. Place fruits one by one with sufficient distance on a tray or a plate. So the strawberries do not freeze to a lump together.

3. Place the tray or plate in the freezer and let the strawberries "freeze" there. That takes about two hours.

4. The strawberries are then placed in airtight deep-freeze bags or cans before being frozen again.
Process thawed strawberries into purees
Since they are soft and soggy when thawed, the frozen strawberries are best for purees, smoothies or jams. The…

Fresh strawberries all year

The summer starts with the strawberries. How long the red fruit keeps its flavor, what you need to keep in mind when storing and processing strawberries, and other tricks to keep the sweet berry for longer.

Strawberries are being washed off our faucet |  Picture: mauritius-images
"Personally, I like the strawberry, freshly picked, still warm from the sun, from hand to mouth, a strawberry with no frills!"

Maria Hofreiter, family business Hofreiter in Munich

In fact, the freshly picked strawberry tastes the most intense. Maria Hofreiter explains that strawberries are very sensitive fruits. Just five hours after picking, the fruit loses aroma, ie taste and smell. The aroma is made up of many different chemical compounds. The majority of these are the so-called fruit esters. Unfortunately, these esters degrade very quickly, which is why the strawberry has only half of its aroma after 24 hours on average. "That depends a lot on the variety," explains Maria Hofreiter. In…

Freeze fresh strawberries - whether as a whole berry or as a puree - that's the way it works HOT

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Freeze fresh strawberries - whether as a whole berry or as a puree - that's the way it works
Freeze fresh strawberries whole or puréed - explained step by step
The strawberry is one of the most popular berry, although it is not a berry, but belongs to the family of Sammelnussfrüchte. From May the plant will delight us with its small white, yellow or pink flowers and in June the juicy red fruits will be harvested.

The fruits do not only taste good, they are also healthy
Whether freshly harvested, frozen or processed, completely pure, in summer salads, desserts, on cakes or pies, for ice cream or as jam, the red fruits offer healthy snacking - and that without any remorse ! They have a very high content of vitamin C, they are also rich in magnesium and calcium and absolutely low in calories.

Freezing the berries - this is how it works
The healthy fruits taste best when picked fresh. In the refrigerator they are stable for two to three days. Since the strawberries are quit…