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Hilarious πŸ˜‚ Wedding πŸ’’ List πŸ“ƒ

My daughter's wedding list :
1)3 cows
2)16 bags of rice
3)78 litres of red oil
4)15 iphone 6
5)15 bags of salt
6)98 holandies wrappers
7)3 range rover black and white
8)150 imported Uk bags
9)700 versace shoes not ABA made oooo
10)7 apple laptops new ones
11)9 ipads
12)16 set of boxes from Dubai
13)45 washing machines
14)50 bags of Semovita and 45 bags of wheat
15)1 big sack of kolanut
16)20 dozen of bra and panties
17)90 carton of frozen chicken
18)98 crate of coke and fanta
19)21 make up kit must be of a Tara product
and must be 500 thousand
20)Must build a mansion for 8 member of her
family and sponsor their kids to study in Oxford
21)Must open a shopping mall for her mother
22)You must treat her like a Queen
23)Her bride price will be 100 naira cos we're
not selling her out.


How Loving our parents are.

We should be grateful to our parent always wanting the best for us in all conditions........

Don't Give up!!!

A Tortoise was climbing a tree with unripe
fruits, and other animals were hysterically
laughing at him, saying "You foolish Tortoise,
why are you climbing a tree with unripe
fruits?" As they laughed and mocked him, The
Tortoise replied and said "Don't worry, by the
time I get up there, the fruits will be ripen."
As the other animals continued to pillory him,
he undauntedly continued climbing the tree.
Many months later when he finally got to the
top of the tree, it was the ripping season and
the whole fruits were ripen and he started
eating and enjoying all the fruits, while other
perplexed animals were still below waiting in
vain for the fruits to fall to the ground.
You might be climbing the tree of your destiny
right now and people are laughing at you; but
don't worry my friend because when you
finally get to the top of your tree, those who
pilloried you will be ashamed of themselves.
You might be pursuing your dreams right now
but people are mocking you; again I say don'…

HEARTLESS: Landlord Sets Tenant Ablaze In Lagos, Pushes Him Down From 3 Storey Building

A landlord in the Idumota, Lagos Island area of Lagos State, Sola Solomon, has allegedly poured petrol and set fire to one of his tenants, identified simply as Abeeb, aka Ogbon.

PUNCH Metro learnt that as the victim struggled to put out the flames, the 67-year-old landlord pushed him down from the top floor of the three-storey building.

The father of one was said to have landed with a thud, as the flames ate through his body.

Our correspondent was told that Abeeb had barely spent five months in the house located on Iga Idunganran Street, Idumota, when he was killed.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the incident was caused by a disagreement over the use of the compound toilet.

A tenant in the house, who spoke on condition of anonymity, explained that the quarrel had been settled in the evening and she had pleaded with both parties to maintain the peace.

She said, “Before the incident of yesterday (Monday), there has been a quarrel in the house over the use of the toilet.

“Everybody had complained t…

These Nigerian Celebrities Real Names Will Wow You

Most Nigerian celebrities these days are known basically by their stage
names and very few of their fans actually know their real names. Here are the real names of some of Nigeria’s top rated stars:

Stage Name: Patoranking
Real name : Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie

Stage Name: Timaya
Real Name: Enetimi Alfred Odom

Stage Name: Funny Bone
Real Name: Stanley Chibuna

Stage Name: Skales
Real Name: Raoul John Njeng-Njeng

Stage Name: Runtown
Real Name: Douglas Jack Agua

Stage Name: Daddy Showkey
Real Name: John Asiemo

Stage Name: Reekado Banks
Real Name: Solomon Ajayi Ayoleyi Hanniel

Stage Name: Aphrodija or Di’Ja tongue
Real Name: Hadiza Blella

Stage Name: I Go Dye
Real Name: Francis Agoda

Stage Name: Gordons
Real Name: Komone Godwin

Stage Name: Akpororo
Real Name: Bowoto Jephta

Stage Name: Asa
Real Name: Bukola Elemide

SHOCKING: 14-yr-old Boy Kills Brother With Dad’s Gun While ‘acting’ Movie

The sleepy town of Umueze, Enugwu-Achi,
Oji-River Local Government Area, Enugu State, was
last Monday thrown into mourning, following the death
of three-year-old Akachukwu in the hands of his 14-
year-old brother Ebubechukwu,14, using their father’s

The brothers were said to be re-enacting movie
scenes, not knowing that the gun was loaded.
According to a source, their father, Christian Odika, had
left for their village square at Obodo-Ukwu Enugwu-
Akwu, for a meeting, when the tragic news reached

It was gathered that on getting to his house, he met his
son, Akachukwu, in a pool of his own blood.

Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu,
said: “Investigations into the tragic incident have
commenced to ascertain the remote causes, so the
law can take its course.”

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